DOOR Integration Issues

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DOORS Integration Issues

In version 3.1 of TTM there is an ERROR message that should be a WARNING. The TTM/DOORS integration mechanism attempts to add some information about TTM to the DOORS database in order to support DOORS-to-TTM navigation.

The DOORS->TTM synchronization will attempt to add 2 attributes to the module:

  1. ttmModelPath - the TTM model that this module was last synchronized with
  2. ttmPrefix - the requirement prefix used when importing this modules requirements into TTM.

These attributes are used to perform:

  • DOORS to TTM navigation
  • Warn the user if a module was synced with a different TTM model.

If the DOORs module is read-only, these attributes can not be added, and this part of the synchronization cannot take place. However, TTM will still get updated DOORS information as a part of the synchronization process.