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  • ...cess to the wiki, but only registered users can edit content. We encourage users to donate meaningful documentation and information to the T-VEC wiki. Simulink users can use [[Simulink Tester for T-VEC|SL2TVEC]] and VGS to support model anal
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  • ...kes on a value that has a range related to what the sensor can represent). Users are encouraged to define all of the types first, then any variable created
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  • ...hat the inputs and expected outputs are based on the names from the model. Users often visualize the vectors in a html table matrix to examine and assess th ...age]] such as MC/DC test coverage. The T-VEC Testers for Simulink provides users selectable options to generate test drivers in the form of LDRA TBrun .tcf
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  • The [ Mathworks' Simulink and Stateflow] allow users to develop behavioral specification used as basis of for simulation or code
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  • ...ed the cost to be prohibitive (Hayhurst et al. 1999). Fortunately for most users of T-VEC tools, the tool qualification cost should be minimal because the t ...setting up an account in order to access it. There are currently about 700 users of this web-site, while only about 130-140 current participants in the comm
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  • ...ose of training and use of the installed TTM examples, it is necessary for users to have permission to perform compilation. In some cases it is necessary to ...ools are somewhat similar to those for the Simulink Tester and T-VEC. Most users will need 1 GB, but some large-scale systems have exceeded 3 GB. For large
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  • Floating licenses are more flexible as they allow multiple users to share the licenses. For example, two licenses could support five develop button. Setting the value at the System level applies the value for all users and requires Administrator privileges to set. Applying the value at the Use
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  • Potential users of T-VEC often ask questions about code coverage, usually modified conditio
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  • The most successful users of T-VEC Tester for Simulink (SL2TVEC) follow a few key guidelines: ...ype ranges can be modified or specific signal ranges can be defined by the users. These operations can be performed using the Signal Range Editor GUI or the
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  • ...e it possible to represent things like Discrete Filters. This should allow users to create libraries of TTM models (to be included via the model-includes me
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  • S-Functions allow users to specify the semantics of new blocks for simulation and code generation t
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  • As part of the TTM Help, there are two tutorials that lead users through the use of TTM and [[T-VEC_Vector_Generation_System|VGS]]. The tuto One of the installed programs that comes with the TTM installation allows users to install course exercises. The objective of the set of exercises is to co
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  • are managed by a license manager which limits the number of concurrent users of the tools to the number of licenses specified in a license file. T-VEC t Users of TVGSCore: (Total of 2 licenses issued; Total of 0 licenses in use)
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