Resolving Model Navigation issues

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Resolving Model Navigation issues

Postby kitbamrung » Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:01 pm

One feature of the VGS GUI environment is the ability to navigate to the model through double-clicking of a ModelLoc::// link. If the associated model location is in a Simulink model the block is highlighted. In the case of TTM Model, the item or expression associated with the model location is selected. However, it is possible for the mechanism to failed.

The first issue that could cause failure is that TVECService.exe is not running when the navigation mechanism was activated. If the latest version of TTM, VGS GUI, and Sl2tvec was installed, this should not be an issue. However, it is possible through unseen issue for the set up to become broken. If the following error message appears:
TVEC Service is not running. In this case, do not try to manually start TVECService. However, do follow the direction indicated in the message box.
Service_Not_Available.JPG (12.42 KiB) Viewed 6052 times

1. Check the TVEC bin directory to verify that "TVECService.exe" exists.
2. at the command prompt: run TVECSErvice.exe /RegServer (per the instruction)

Note: If any error message appears in step 2, it might be necessary to restart the machine, and retry the command. Installing the latest version of TTM or VGS will also correct this issue.

The second issue is that the model location is invalid. This would cause the next two error message boxes to appear.
TVEC Service is running. However, it wasn't able to navigate to the correct TTM model. The model file could be missing from the default location.
TTM_Launch_Failed.JPG (9.41 KiB) Viewed 6051 times

TVEC Service is running. However, it could not establish connection to sl2tvec and Matlab. Matlab need to be started and load with the correct model.
Need_Start_Matlab_Old.JPG (12.79 KiB) Viewed 6050 times

The common causes for invalid model location:
1. The model file *.ttm or *.mdl is missing from it's original location.
2. The project file has been moved from the original location (in case of project associated with TTM)
3. The project tree/model has been moved to another location.
4. In the case of navigation to a simulink block or state flow diagram, it should be noted that Matlab has to be running and Sl2tvec has started (and preferably loaded with the correct model).

Typically, re-translation of the model will resolved this issue if the original project directory setting has not been changed.

Please note that in the upcoming release of VGS Visual Environment the error message for failure to navigate to a Simulink block will be changed to:
TVEC Service is running. However, it could not establish connection to sl2tvec and Matlab. Matlab has to be started and load with the correct model.
Matlab_Failed_Navigate.JPG (14.51 KiB) Viewed 6050 times
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