How to remove Term Variable from map file

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How to remove Term Variable from map file

Postby jack » Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:02 am


I use Term Variable in TTM model,but i don't want to use them
in driver,how can i remove the Term Variable from map file,and
make the genearated dirver file don't include the Term Variable?

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Re: How to remove Term Variable from map file

Postby busser » Thu Oct 30, 2008 9:51 am

A TERM variable, which is a type of TTM table that is normally used to describe inTERMediate expression values, is converted into a T-VEC subsystem by the TTM translator. By definition, each T-VEC subsystem will also have a .map file that is generated by the translator and initialized with mapping structures and map variables that can be used by a test driver schema to help characterized what an automatically generated test driver should look like. The information in a .map file is static and is not placed directly into a test driver. The test driver

TERM variables/subsystems may be referenced by other TERM or OUTPUT variables/subsystems. In the .map file for these referencing subsystems there will be mapping structures provided so that the user can possibly make use of these intermediate expression results in a test driver. The mapping structures initially appear similar to this

NAME_DESCRIPTOR 't_inAltitudeWindow__VAR';
GET_DESCRIPTOR 't_inAltitudeWindow__VAR';
SET_DESCRIPTOR 't_inAltitudeWindow__VAR = <binding->value>';
USER_DESCRIPTOR["ORIGIN"] 'tracking_State';

The mapping structure's name will be the name of the TERM variable plus the suffix "__VAR" (VAR is an abreviation for VARiable). Please notice that USER_DESCRIPTOR["2"] has the value 'INPUT_TERM'. This USER_DESCRIPTOR can be referenced in the test driver schema and its value compared with 'INPUT_TERM'. This can be used to filter out these input variables when iterating through the list of system inputs within test driver schema meta token iterators such as

<if("<binding->user_descriptor["2"]>" ne "INPUT_TERM")>
<nl> VariableName:<binding->object>

This would be the recommended approach to ignoring a TERM variable when generating a test driver. Simply removing the mapping structure in the map file will not cause the test driver to skip over it when iterating through the input list as in the above example. It will simply cause the test driver to report errors and fail.

Thanks for your question.
Please let me know if this answers your question well, or if I have misunderstood your question.
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