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Is the libXML Perl module available in the Perl interface

PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 5:51 pm
by busser
The libXML Perl module is not one of the standard Perl modules that are included in the Perl integration embedded within the T-VEC tools. However, we provide a very easy way to access an external Perl installation. In the Test Driver Generation tab of the Tools>Options dialog box in T-VEC VGS there is an option for indicating an external perl.dll file, such as C:\apps\Perl\bin\perl58.dll. In this dialog box the user can also specify the location of external perl libraries such as C:\apps\Perl\lib;C:\apps\Perl\site\lib.

Testdriveroptions.jpg (101.48 KiB) Viewed 5302 times

The user can confirm that this external Perl version is actually being reference by viewing the output of the test driver generator in the "build" window of the VGS environment. There will be statements such as

Initiating Build.

Test Driver Generator Processing: ParamInheritType_OutputInheritType

Suite license already obtained.

Loading Test Vectors...
Loading Object Mappings...
Initiating PERL Interface...
Loaded library: C:\apps\Perl\bin\perl58.dll

Checking if PERL script C:\T-VEC\translators\sl2tvec\test_drivers\ exists...

Loading PERL Scripts...

At this point, the Test Driver Generation mechanism will use the external Perl installation, rather than the Perl interpreter embedded within T-VEC, when it requires the use of Perl functionality. Therefore, If an non-standard Perl module such as libXML is desired, it may be accessed via the EMBED_PERL object mapping file directive that points to the user-created Perl script file where custom Perl functions may be stored and accessed by the user's test driver schema.