SL2TVEC Version 4.1.0 (build 1346) for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP
February 2008

This document contains the latest information about the Simulink to T-VEC translator.

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The installed version of the translator can be checked by typing "sl2tvec" at the command line.

Release 4.1.0 2/08

Simulink Updates:

·         Support Matrix Concatenation block in 2006b and later [0004501]

·         Support labels consisting of single alphabetic character. [0004451]

·         Support Extract Diagonal Matrix in 2007b. [0004502]

·         Support Create Diagonal Matrix in 2007b. [0004499]

·         Support Combinatorial logic blocks. [0004498]

·         Directories now have ending "\" added before being used for macro substitution. [0004495]

·         Map files now contain mapping information to support LDRA. [0004367]

·         Support added for Merge blocks with bus inputs. [0004471]

·         Support using reusable subsystems with a merge block input. [0004470]

·         Support bus objects defined using the bus object editor instead of a bus creator. [0004494]

·         Added support for Merge blocks. [0004454]

·         Wrap progress "." while determining signal types and dimensions at 50 chars. [0004476]

·         Added file name to error message when table data file can not be opened. [0004460]

·         Stateflow block with output set to auto type is now determined correctly. [0004452]

·         Scalar output type no longer shows up as matrix type in map files. [0004347]

·         Support mappings export in 2007b. [0004373]

·         Support Reshape block in 2007b. [0004450]

·         Support RTW type remapping option. [0004455]

·         Added support for translation of the “output as non-virtual in parent model” setting of Outport blocks. [0004447]

·         Assignment block translation is now correct when using a scalar U2. [0004445]

·         Added support for Function blocks with Unit Delay as an input. [0004448]

·         The TVEC Service is now stopped during installation to prevent overwrite warnings when upgrading. [0004370]

·         Root level Inports connected by virtual blocks to root level Outports are correctly included in translation. [0004332]

·         Inport correctly detects that it is connected to an Outport when a virtual Bus Selector is in between. Previously this would appear as an unused Inport signal. [0004489]

·         Reusable subsystems with a Merge block output are not combined. [0004469]

·         Root level inports are assigned to merge global variables when they are inputs to a Merge block. [0004466]

·         Merge output signals are treated as global variables and are not passed as subsystem inputs. [0004464]

·         Added support for Merge input signals that are demuxed and then remuxed in a different order. [0004403]

·         Corrected assertion targets for Virtual Subsystems. [0004386]

·         Relational Operator block types double signals correctly. [0004398]

·         [dim;dim] is recognized as a valid port dimension specification. [0004041]

·         Auto types are no longer created for abs block signals since it is handled in the VGS. [0004247]

·         Inputs that have been optimized out in sl2tvec_m_sim.sch are supported. [0003523]

·         A warning message for unconnected signals or block ports has been added. [0003189]

·         A trigger domain of [0,1,-1] has been added for use with triggers. [0004208]

·         Unit Delay loop no longer inlines reusable subsystems. [0003947]

·         Added support for direct lookup tables with constant block as the table input source. [0003468]

·         Implicit data types for block inputs are correctly determined when output type specified. [0003194]

·         Added Model Location Information to the Discrete Time Integrator block constraints. [0004308]

·         Assertion target names for scalar outputs of subsystem references are based on their label. [0004508]

·         Added support for R2007b model export. [0004437]

·         Having multiple assertions on the same signal is supported. [0004391]

·         Resolved internal issue that caused translation to fail when using inlined subsystems. [0004390]

·         Erroneous SM0028 errors are no longer generated during translation. [0004078]

·         Minor improvements in Warning messages SL0033 and SL0063. [0004336]

·         Translation of switches using “>=0.5” control with “Boolean” control signals are no longer being converted to ~= 0 controls in the T-VEC .SS file expressions. Accounting for Simulink unisigned integer “Booleans” now being done in the vector generator. [0004302]

·         Corrected a problem that sometimes occurred when the saving stateflow object mapping information into .obj files. [0004395]

·         Greatly improved the T-VEC to Simulink navigation mechanism’s ability to bring the Simulink diagram window to the top of the window stack on the screen. [0004383]

·         Corrected a bug in the assertion file parser that resulted in treating “:” characters as valid identifier characters. This bug caused a parser problem if user left no space characters between the assertion name, the “:” character following the assertion name, and the first identifier in the assertion expression. [0004427]

·         Improved the writing out of translation process console output information into its log file so that translation aborts would not truncate the file before the buffered output was fully flushed into the log file. [0004446]

·         Translation is now able to handle blocks with un-connected inputs. [0004478]

·         Fully qualified project directory can be used when translating models with table data. Previously an “unable to open file” error message occurred and the file was not created. [0004461]

·         The multiport selector block now handles using “,” to separate each output selection. E.G. {[4],[1,2],[2;3],[4,3,2]} [0004530]

·         Increased translation speed by saving temporary table data into multiple files and then cleaning them up after translation. [0004531]

Stateflow Updates:

·         Added LDRA mapping information to _sfActivation mapping variable. [0004506]

·         Only a single input event is active in a statemachine at a time. [0004480]

·         The data type of a bus signal and not bus signal name is correctly used when processing Stateflow block inports. [0004481]

·         Support LDRA mappings when there are no Inport blocks at the root level. [0004443]

·         Fixed potential issue when processing Stateflow actions. [0004400]

·         Added type cast on _ACTIVE enumeration in call to parallel state to resolve ERROR DS0036. [0004279]

·         Removed duplicate trigger constraints in Sstateflow subsystem translation. [0004482]

·         Bus object inputs to Stateflow blocks no longer result in multiple inputs when there should be only 1. [0004410]

·         Resolved memory leak when translating models with Stateflow blocks. [0004483]

·         Stateflow translation now uses structures to pass bus object information. [0004099]

·         Transitions from parent state are prevented when handling substate transitions involving events. [0004509]

·         Added NO CHANGE attribute to the cases that prevent transitions. [0004486]

·         Support bus object input referenced in parallel state. [0004473]

·         Added support for Data Store blocks. [0004423]

·         Correctly resolve functions names when parallel and parent states have the same name. [0004375]

·         Removed erroneous “ignoring back-edges” errors that do not exist in junction logic. [0004409]

·         Fixed a crash that occurred when more than 1 stateflow input was defined by the same bus object [0004408]

·         Further reduced memory utilization requirements. [0004529]

Signal Editor Updates:

·         State variable data for Merge blocks is saved in the signal range file. [0003481]

·         Setting the type of multiple signals at once works correctly when list is not sorted by name. [0003968]

·         Signal Range editor title bar now displays an “*” character when the signal range information has been edited and requires saving back out to the .srf file. [0004384]

·         Fixed a Signal Range Editor crash that results from clicking on a signal with a data type that is unknown – a situation that can only happen due to a corrupted .srf file – but is now handled more gracefully. [0004396]

·         Corrected a problem where the Signal Range editor’s signal filter mechanism was not functioning properly when the I/O type that was selected as the basis of the filter was “State” and chosing “Parameter” was finding all of the “State” variable signals. Problem resulted from the fact that an earlier name for “State” variable was “block output” and both filter choices were in the list of available filter choices. Removing “block output” eliminated the ambiguity and corrected the problem. [0004411]

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