Release 3.2.0 3/08

Visual Environment (GUI)

·         Changed T-VEC GUI environment to statically linked single .exe file in order to simplify installation and to address a number of heap memory management issues.

·         Corrected slow memory leak associated with background monitoring of files that are open in the document view area of the T-VEC GUI.

·         Removed the serial number field from the install script.

·         Corrected unintentional change in working directory that happens when opening a file using the File>Open menu. This was causing a problem when using the Test Driver Generation tool, before vs after opening up a file – such as a test driver schema file – in the document view area. This was because by default test driver schemas are created with references to INCLUDE files and EMBED PERL files using relative file path addresses.

·         Added an indication that project properties have been changed by the user, requiring save of the project, by enabling the “Save” floppy icon based on changes in project properties.

·         Added check box to enable or disable generation of No-change/No-Event cases associated with TTM mode machines, event tables, and Stateflow state machines. This check box is in the Compiler options tab of the VGS properties dialog box.

·         Edit>Find in Files menu selection now includes a file type specification of “*.*” as the default.

·         Corrected a vector html display page problem where navigating from a specific DCP number to its associated test vector was not updating the top index page correctly if the test vector was not on page 1 (i.e. in the first 50 test vectors).

·         Corrected an html link navigation problem for disjointness checking and race condition checking tests in the input values table to the DCP section associated with the Test number being examined.

·         Corrected an issue where the T-VEC GUI exits unexpectedly when trying to delete a custom tool bar.

T-VEC Console Tool

·         Change T-VEC console tool to a statically linked single .exe file.

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