Release 4.1.1 3/08

Fixes and Enhancements

·         TTM - DOORS synchronization is functioning again. A connection error prevented DOORS from communicating with the current instance of TTM causing a new instance of TTM to be started. This error prevented DOORS from connecting to the correct TTM model and terminating synchronization. [0004850]

TTM Version 4.1.0 (build 1129) for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP
February 2008

This document contains the latest information about the Standard and RM Editions of the T-VEC Tabular Modeler.

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The installed version of the Tabular Modeler can be checked through the About Box opened with the Help | About menu command.

Release 4.1.0 2/08

Fixes and Enhancements

·         Added new basic type “string” supporting the specification of requirements and the generation of test vectors where output and input variables can be literal string values.

·         The requirement management provides a new function for “Requirement Coverage” to identify those requirements that are “covered” or “uncovered” in the model specification. The function applies to an entire set of requirements. The menu option "Find Requirements" has been changed to “Requirements Coverage” and replaced dialog with sub menu selections. “Requirements Coverage” menu now located under the Tools menu. [0004421, 0004434, 0004424]

·         Requirements Coverage menu item is disabled if both child menu options are disabled. [0004438]

·         The “Requirements” link in a generated HTML Model Report has been changed to “View Requirements Report.” [0004440]

·         Requirements containing the root or parent of a selected requirement are provided in a requirement drop down column of a condition, event, mode or function table. [0004432]

·         Updated the requirements dialog interface for improved management of missing requirements. [0004425]

·         Tabbing from range field to range button will now save changes to the range value. [0004379]

·         Improved the management of user-defined types allowing type deletions to be performed only through the model manager. This helps avoids the possibility that types used in included models will be deleted accidentally. [0004388]

·         TTM course example and exercise installation now supports registry updates permitting the lcc compiler that supports the course exercises to be shared by multiple users. [0004291]

·         TTM provides improved knowledge about the state of a model and prompts the users to save the model before translation only if the model changes have not been saved. [0003371, 0004523]

·         The font for large editable area (e.g. comment tab, assertion condition, behavioral table) can now be changed through the “fonts and colors” settings in “tools->customize-> fonts and colors” [0004500]

·         The settings for editor options are saved in the user registry when exiting TTM. [0004496]

·         The font settings can be overridden for the table area by checking the “Use default font for editable areas” in the editor options tab [0004515]

·         TTM will now prompt for a new VGS project file name when saving a model if the model’s name has been change. [0004412]

·         TTM will now display help information using the “-help” option when specified in the command line [0004335]

·         The user is now notified that duplicate mode name entries are permitted [0004294]

·         A project directory will now be created during translation if one does not exist. [0004334]

·         There is improved management of type names that can result indirectly from changes to other referenced user-defined type names. [0004238, 0003240, 0002008]

·         TTM now requires the user to explicitly set the assignment field in condition table to avoid the possibility of an incorrect default value. [0002607]

·         Test driver mapping object are created for structure elements. [0004330]

·         Improved management of duplicate names are supported through user notification. Function names, variable, types and formal parameter names must be unique. [0004206, 0003850]

·         Term variables management is now supported in disjointedness checking tables. [0004353]

·         Corrected translation problems present in certain types of Mode Machine race condition checking t-vec subsystems.

·         Corrected a situation where the user’s focus could get trapped in the accuracy field of a data type.

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