Release 3.3.0 5/08

Visual Environment (GUI)

·         Added new Html Start-Up page with links to latest news, latest versions, and most recent T-VEC projects.

·         Added new vector generation option to filter out TTM and Stateflow “no-change” case DCPs and prevent the vector generator from producing vectors for these cases.

·         Changed the VGS to TTM navigation facility to utilize the new T-VEC Service, greatly improving navigation reliability and eliminating the nuisance error message "Failed to retrieve target project from communication channel." that sometimes occurred after re-translating a TTM model for a T-VEC project already opened in the VGS environment.

·         Corrected the version number on the VGS Splash screen from Version 2 to Version 3.

·         Corrected a problem where the user option that controls which console window is displayed when performing T-VEC build actions, status window or build window, was not always being saved in the registry when modified by the user.

·         Corrected a bug where attempting to use the data format pattern specification fields at the user/project/subsystem levels was causing the VGS GUI to terminate.

·         Corrected an issue, which was causing the vector view not to refresh after the vectors are regenerated.

·         VGS will now validate the name of the subsystem when adding an existing subsystem to a project. It is no longer possible to add a subsystem with a duplicated name to the project.

·         Added the find function in DCP view’s context menu.

·         Corrected several issues involving the file handling mechanism. The save icon will no longer be activated when the project does not require to be saved. Also corrected instances where, the save function is deactivated for an artifact file after the file failed to saved due to some errors.

Test Vector Generator and Compiler

·         Modified an optimization done by the T-VEC compiler so that it does not interfere with the passing of INTERM variable values from condition expressions to assignment expressions in TTM tables

·         Significant improvement in the test vector generation procedure’s ability to back-propagate output domain convergence through to the input of an abs() operator so that better vector generation coverage of multiple disjoint input domain spaces is achieved.

·         Added DCP restart number to the DCP number field in error diagnostic reports.

·         Enhanced a test vector generation optimization involving the collection and use of equality, non-equality relationship information to propagate such relationships throughout the DCP constraints in a more effective and efficient manner.

·         Removed the occurrence of T=0 error diagnostics information from T>0 error diagnostics report areas. When both T=0 and T>0 vector cases (Only meaning for Simulink Tester based T-VEC subsystems) are to be generated, the diagnostics information collected during the T=0 run was not being erased and was still present if the need arose to create an error diagnostics report for the T>0 case.

·         Corrected a problem using the “Consult Subordinate Vectors” vector generation option that could occur when a subsystem’s test vector DCP information include MIN or MAX operators. These are special additions to the DCP path information to detail which of the multi-space disjunctive paths of the operator were involved in the test vector’s solution. The multispace form of the MIN and MAX operators were only recently added to the previously existing multispace ABS operator but they were not yet being taken into account during the collection of test vector information in support of this vector generation option.

·         Modified the functionality of the ‑compress switch associated with the t-vec console tool –a (Analyze Coverage) option so that it overrides the setting in the project .prj file that is established by the TTM or Simulink Tester translators and possibly modified by the VGS GUI. Also, added a switch ‑NoCompress that also overrides the project .prj file setting.

·         Corrected a situation where a comparison between a floating point domain and an integer domain was being treated too tightly, resulting in a vector gen failure for a COV predicate controlling the domain of an input to a Simulink multi-port switch control signal.

·         Corrected an issue that causes VGS to crash if an older version of TVECService.exe is installed.

·         Corrected an issue where the test vector input value for a Selector block’s control signal(s) were being incorrectly identified (grey color) as being unreferenced in the current DCP. This was happening for situations where the selector block’s control signal(s) was(were) not related to any other signal or connected with any other block – simply being connected directly to an input port.

Test Driver Generator

·         Corrected a few incorrect type mappings in the perl routine “translateType” in support of LDRA-related test driver schemas.

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