Release 4.2.0 5/08

Simulink-Related Updates:

·         Resolved issue preventing the coverage options dialog from displaying in MATLAB versions 2007b and newer. [0004795]

·         Rounding and saturation selections for a Product block will be applied when multiplication method is set to Matrix(*). These selections were previously being ignored when multiplication method was set to Matrix(*). [0004785]

·         Support for the "Same Input Type" block has been added. [0004684]

·         The help library has been updated to include all supported blocks. [0004639]

·         Resolved situation where the assertion identifier and model location information of subsystem references was not applied correctly resulting in error messages during translation. [0004624]

·         A message dialog is displayed if an attempt to add a virtual subsystem through the translation dialog is detected. This would previously result in the translation message “ERROR SL0129: No subsystems were translated” when allowed. [0003190]

·         When using reusable functions conflicting type information is now handled correctly. Previously the larger of the conflicting domains detected was being used. [0004646]

·         Situations in which INTERM names did not match their associated signal labels have been corrected. [0004591]

·         Information in the Min and Max fields added in Matlab 2007b can be referenced during translation. The “Create Min/Max Value Autotypes” setting located in the Advanced Translation Options dialog determines if the Min/Max information is used. Select this option to include the Min/Max information when generating autotypes. [0004560]

·         Support for MATLAB 2008a support has been added. [0004574]

·         Support for MATLAB 2007b has been added. [0004422]

·         When an unresolvable block execution order time delay loop is detected the translator now exits cleanly after the error message is displayed. [0004721]

·         Assertion labels for subsystems were sometimes incorrectly named when resolving label collisions. [0004507]

·         Mappings export of models containing model references can now be performed. Mappings export would previously generate an error about incompatible RTW configuration settings for models containing model references. [0004734]

·         An outport block’s "output as nonvirtual bus" option is no longer applied when checked and disabled. [0004610]

·         Subsystems with merge blocks included using the Subsystem Replacement mechanism now propagate their merge block signal names. [0004649]

·         A refinement was made to the rounding algorithm used for block outputs, when this option is selected, in order to mirror the results of the RTW code when the signal values being rounded are negative. [0002202]

·         Merge signal information is now propagated correctly through DataStoreRead blocks. This was appearing as an assertion error in the TCSSLSignalRouting file in the translation log. [0004694]

·         Enhanced translator’s configuration of new T-VEC project file (.prj) such that each subsystem’s vector generation properties reflect whether the subsystem contains state variables that require initialization during T=0 and that therefore requires both T=0 and T>0 test vector generation runs. This is the default for Simulink-based T-VEC projects options at the project level but the subsystem options previously defaulted to “Ignore State Variable Initialization” so that if subsystem options were chosen to override the project level options (A T-VEC VGS feature), the user was previously required to specifically set the state variable init options. [0004736]

·         A missing action label detected in a Truth Table will now generate an error message. [0004614]

·         User specified custom schema file is no longer listed as an INCLUDE in the map file twice. [0004547]

·         Added an informative error message in the case of a failure of the test driver mappings export process – for example when a previously existing version of the file is locked or marked as READ ONLY.

·         Added information to the error message “ERROR SL0071: User-defined type has invalid range. Using base type range” to indicate what the invalid range values are. The original version of this error message did not provide this information.

Stateflow-Related Updates:

·         Translation of negated transitions with events no longer produces the same event disabled multiple times. [0004764]

·         Inner transitions no longer produced duplicated constraint logic. [0004774]

·         Resolved several issues related to model location information not being correctly added to the translation output files. [0004742, 0004741, 0004724, 0002759]

·         Data type of "Inherit: Same as Simulink" is now supported. [0004727]

·         Navigation links are now included with their associated assertion targets allowing navigation to the associated location in the model. [0004559]

·         Assertion targets for stateflow outputs are now being created. [0004561]

·         When an unsupported transition to a parent parallel state is detected an error message is displayed. Translation would previously terminate without an error. [0004616]

·         Resolved collision of function aliases in parallel states. This caused incorrect error messages to be generated. [0004111]

·         Transition from a substate to a sibling of its parent now sets the source’s parent to no_active_state. Only the source state was being reset previously. [0004527]

·         Mappings are now propagated correctly to a chart and its children. [0003333]

·         Corrected issue that prevented performing a mappings export with R2008a when using triggered Stateflow charts. [0004754]

Signal Editor Updates:

·         Changed Signal Range Editor so that it no longer permits editing of primitive built-in base types. [0004604]

·         Improved the ability to create additional re-usable signal range type definition files by making the primitive base data types implicitly known, rather than being required to be explicitly present in the file. [0004662]

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