Release 4.2.1 5/08

Simulink-Related Updates:

·         Resolved warning message concerning the incorrect case of DLL calls from schemas. [0004797]

·         All temporary files made during model export are deleted. [0004815]

·         The isModelReference mapping variable is added to the mapping files. The IsModelReference variable is “1” if the subsystem represents a model reference and “0” otherwise. [0004802]

·         LDRA parameters no longer have "mr_" in them when they are not within a model reference. [0004801]

·         Removed calls to the obsolete parameter RTWOptions. [0004796]

·         Corrected reference to unknown schema in Flow Control example.

·         The installer will detect if the TVECService is running and will install an updated version automatically when the computer has been restarted. Previously an error dialog indicating that the file can not be overwritten was displayed. [0004825]

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