Release 4.2.3 5/08

Fixes and Enhancements

·         Corrected instances where model incorrectly reporting invalid usage of the WHEN/WHERE/WHILE event guard. [0004833]

·         Corrected various layout and display errors in input forms. [0004819, 0004818, 0004820, 0004822]

·         Opening a model will no longer override the show list view settings. [0004838]

·         Enhanced the model element tree context menu to be more consistent with the menu, and tool bars. [0004397]

·         Corrected an issue where TTM would crash when some menu and tool bars command are activated. The menu and tool bars now update more consistently with the model element selection. [0004836]

·         Corrected instances where model check incorrectly reporting invalid reference to Assertion table. [0004824]

·         The installer will detect if the TVECService is running and will install an updated version automatically when the computer has been restarted. Previously an error dialog indicating that the file can not be overwritten was displayed. [0004825]

·         Model Reports will now be placed in the reports folder relative to the VGS project file rather than the TTM model file. This corrected issues with the navigation to the reports while in VGS, if a non-default (alternate) location for the VGS project file is specified. [0004827]

·         Corrected an issue, which makes it impossible to remove accuracy value in the GUI after it has been specified. [0004841]

·         Corrected an issue, which causes the accuracy field to be set to “0” when the field is blanked. [0004835]

·         Corrected an issue where TTM report missing project file when the project (.prj) is read-only. TTM will now show a warning when the file is read-only. [0004840]

·         The “Save As” command will no longer prompt to save an html file, when the start up page is displayed. The “Save” and “Save As” command will now only be available for saving TTM models. [0004846]

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