TTM Version 4.5.0 (build 1689) for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP
May 2009

This document contains the latest information about the Standard and RM Editions of the T-VEC Tabular Modeler.

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Release 4.5.0 5/09

GUI Fixes and Enhancements

·         Added 1-dimensional arrays as primary data types being supported by TTM and the TTM model translator.

·         TTM now resize the rows in various tables to fit the text height. [0005656]

·         Corrected issue where TTM ignores the auto-fix identifiers option when entering identifier for function parameters, modes, and structure field. [0005661]

·         TTM will now properly remove a condition table row when the delete key is pressed while the entire row is selected. [0005673]

·         Corrected issue where TTM does not properly select the newly create condition table row. TTM will now add a new row to the condition table below the currently selected row. In addition, TTM will automatically select the newly created row. [0005671]

·         Correct issue where TTM discard the currently selected condition table row when a new row is added. [0005657]

·         Enhanced the find function to allow for searching through function parameters, modes (in mode machines), or structure fields without having the Function, Mode Machine or Types search option selected. [0005622, 0005677]

·         Corrected an issue with DOORS integration where the show requirement in TTM feature in DOORS fails to bring up the correct TTM model. [0005663]

·         Added a way of defining local state table variables. This feature is available in OUTPUT, TERM, and FUNCTION tables. These state variables can be used for requirements that need to refer to previous cycle values, as in control law expressions, filters, etc. [0005883]. Their use triggers the VGS vector generator to generate test vectors in both T=0 and T>0 modes. In T=0 vector generation mode, the values specified as initial values for these table variables are used as their actual test vector input values for the T=0 test vector. [0002473]

·         Enhanced the DOORS integration dialog to be more users friendly. The dialog is now expandable, to accommodate viewing of long module names. [0005945]

·         Enhanced the expression-formatting feature to allow for formatting of expression where an error exists. [0005918]

·         Corrected a problem with creating mapfile variables for TTM variables of a structure type. The names of the mapfile variables sometimes did not have all structure element levels in them. [0005768]

·         Corrected issue where Structure type’s field tables are not refreshing properly when changing selection between two different structure types. [0006066]

·         Added vertical scroll bar to the cells in the condition table. [0006060]

·         Added an option for specifying the number of models to keep in the recently used model list. This option can be accessed through the “Tools->Preferences->Advanced Settings” menu. [0006093]

·         Corrected an issue, which was causing the type and other drop down menu to be broken when selecting a certain font. [0006077]

Translation and Model Checking Updates

·         Model check feature now supports the usage of Binary Operator XOR (‘^’) and NOT (‘~’) for Boolean types. [0005679]

·         Model checker will now allow the usage of the logical NOT (‘!’) and the bitwise NOT (‘~’) unary operators to be used with non-Boolean variables or constants. Note: The logical NOT operator can be used with any expression type, but it is not valid in the assignment expression. The bitwise not is allowed in both the assignment and condition expression, but will only work with Integer, Unsigned, and Boolean. [0005898]

·         Corrected an issue where the model checker detects duplicate identifiers in the source or destination column in a Mode Machine transition table. [0005675]

·         Corrected an issue where translation failed when referencing structure fields with name separated by underscores (‘_’).  [0005813]

·         Model check will now flag the usage of the degenerate form of floating-point numbers. Floating-point numbers have to be proceeded by or ended with a zero (e.g. 1.0, 0.1, 0.1e15). Model check will no longer treat number such as “1.” and “.1” to be valid. This error can be corrected automatically by using the expression formatter, or enabling the auto-format expression option. [0005868, 0005917]

·         The error message from automatic expression checking (after an expression is changed) and the expression formatter now display navigation link back to the location of the error. [0005901]

·         Enhanced the model checker to report improper table assignment expressions. The model checker will now flag unsupported table assignment expression. In addition, the model checker will now correctly report the improper usage of semi-colon in expressions. Note: The semi-colon usage errors may be corrected using the expression formatter. [0005789]

·         Clean up typos and enhanced the model checking feature to include more descriptive model checking error messages. [0005688, 0005890, 0005887, 0005879, 0005862, 0005790]

·         Model checking now issues warnings for floating point constants with too many significant digits of information, exceeding the useful representation capabilities of float (IEEE Float32) and double (IEEE Float64) types.

·         Added support for “disjointness” checking of parameterized Function Tables. [0005493]

·         Added informational mapfile variables indicating what type of TTM table was the basis for the T-VEC subsystem associated with a given map file. For example

<tableType> = 'TERM';
<tableType> = 'OUTPUT';
<tableType> = 'FUNCTION';
<tableType> = 'MODE_MACHINE';

And in the cases of TERM and OUTPUT tables.

<tableSubType> = 'CONDITION';
<tableSubType> = 'MODE_DEP_CONDITION';
<tableSubType> = 'EVENT';
<tableSubType> = 'MODE_DEP_EVENT';

These can then be referenced in test driver schemas for documentation of the test driver and other user-custom purposes. [0005502]

·         Added support for Assertions involving signals that may not be actually used in a given DCP. Previously, Assertions of this type were being optimized out of the translation. However, there are valid reasons for making assertions about signals that are not involved in the DCP constraint or computations, so they are now processed and included in the translation. [0005515]

·         Assigning a term or function with table references directly to the output retains the output type. [0006015]

·         TTMType objects are now fully expanded for more than 1 level of structure during translation. [0005465]

·         Multiple RP0 constraints are now combined into a single constraint. [0005552]

·         Model checker will now report all instance of a mode machine’s mode that does not have all transition. [0006051]

·         Added model checker warning for incomplete table definition. Boolean table that have constant output (for example, table that always returns TRUE) will now be flagged as having incomplete definition. [0006049]

·         Model checker will now flag assignment to a function parameter as error. In addtion, the model checker will now report when a function table of structured type has a formal function parameter with the same name as a structure field. [0006023]

·         Added new default mapping variables to mapping file which will be available through the object mapping mechanism in VGS:

<SCHEMA_HOME> = '<TTM_HOME>\test_drivers'
<TTM_HOME> = '<TVEC_HOME>\translators\ttm'
<targetLanguage> .

Note: These mapping variables will only be created if the merge or overwrite mapping option is specified. [0006098]

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