Release 4.0.0 9/09

Visual Environment (GUI)

·         It is now possible to navigate directly from a subsystem icon in the project explorer to a related TTM table or Simulink Block. This option is available through the subsystem icon context menu and the main menu’s “view->Go to Model” item. [0006101]

·         Corrected issue where the VGS build number is not being displayed in the “Help->About” dialog.

·         Enhanced the scenario view to allow navigation to a specific DCP and Vectors in the Vector Visualization file

·         It is now possible to restore basic tools settings, toolbars and windows layout to installation default from inside of the VGS environment. The feature is available in the “file” menu.

·         Enhanced the DCP view to allow generation of vector specific to the currently selected DCP. This option is available through the DCP View context menu.

·         Removed the old .dll version numbers from the VGS “About” box and the t-vec console tool –version printout. All the tools are now being statically linked, so these version numbers no longer have any purpose. [0006186]

·         Removed the test driver schema meta-tokens associated with the .dll file version numbers from the list of available meta-tokens. [0006191]

·         Correct issue where the view artifact function brings up a file chooser dialog with wrong related artifact. [0006227]

·         Corrected the “<set variable = >” example in the VGS Metatoken Browser. Removed some extraneous text. [0006356]

·         Corrected the conversion of the specification of number of significant digits in the Tolerance File editor into numerical normalized representation. Conversion was off by 1 decimal place. [0006427]

·         Increased the font size for some characters in html error reports, coverage reports, and tautological contradiction reports. [0006352]

·         Fixed the vector display option called "unreferencedInputsAsUnbound". It was supposed to display the values in the vector display columns as “-“ when the values are not being used in the specific DCP that is the focus of the test vector. The low-bound or high-bound domain values were being displayed at all times, regardless of the setting of this option. [0006592]

·         The visual environment now recognizes Test driver files generated through Matlab (*.m), LDRA (*.tcf) and VectorCast (*.vts) as default test driver files.

·         The build and rebuild command are now available for compile only subsystems.

·         Change the default state for “Toggle Unreferenced Inputs” to off.

T-VEC Console Tool

·         Corrected a problem t_vec.exe command line tool when applying vector generation options and trying to override the options set by the VGS GUI in the project (.prj) file. The command line options were not always overriding the settings in the project file.

·         Change the option –noUnrefToggle to –unrefToggle because the default for this option has been changed from “on” to “off”.

Test Vector Generator and Compiler

·         Made many refinements to floating point round off error management, resulting in the extension of an additional significant bit of information for float32 based operations and relations.

·         Corrected a problem affecting some cases of “potential divide-by-zero” detection. [0006210]

·         Corrected a rare domain convergence problem with backward propagation of outputs constraints thru the cos() operators. [0006226]

·         Corrected the amount of delay that takes place during constraint convergence before checking the operand of sqrt() functions for domains that include negative numbers so such checks take place before the rules move the domain >= in order to generate test vectors for DCP’s involving sqrt() functions. [0006269]

·         Made improvements to the backward propagation of output constraints through floor(), ceil(), truncate() and round() functions. [0005479]

·         Made significant change to the vector generation rules governing >= and <= relationships. If the operands are floating point operands, the inequality relation is now being favored over the equality relation. It was the reverse case in previous versions. This reduces the number of cases where floating point “=” relations result in input values that when run in the actual target application no longer satisfy exact floating point “=” relationships do to floating point roundoff errors. [0006166]

·         Corrected an problem with multi-vector generation mode for unconstrained enumeration type variables that was preventing the generation of the extra vectors. [0006565]

·         Improved the detection of matrix selector block selector value range errors. [0006505]

·         Corrected a problem with OR gate fixed value output back-propagation that was caused by an optimization in the last release. [0006514]

·         Rounded off floating point values to the proper number of significant digits for values used during Subspace Scan vector generation mode. [0006520]

·         Reduced the number of significant digits printed out in the test vector files for float32 variables. Was 8 significant digits, reduced to 6 – which is about the best case for float32 numbers. [0006521]

·         Improved the vector generation rules for REM(x,y) operations when x and y have different polarity. [0006522]

·         Improved the vector generation rules for Simulink Assignment blocks with external selector inputs. [0006526]

·         Improved the handling of external selector values for Simulink Assignment blocks when the selector values are invalid [6525]

·         Improvement in the vector generation rules for the != relation involving 2 unbound variables. [0006560]

·         Support for bitwise operators, such as & and |, has been extended to Integer data types in addition to Unsigned data types. [0006628]

·         Corrected a problem where the vector generator rules for selector blocks with matrix inputs and external selector inputs was interpreting the matrix data in row-priority order but the Simulink translator was creating the input list in column priority order. [0006639]

·         Enhanced the vector generation rules governing truncate/floor/ceil/round functions. [0006581]

·         Enhanced the vector generation rules governing the numeric != relation. [0006667]

·         Modified the OFF state processing of the vector generation option called “Toggle Unreferenced Inputs” so that when OFF all numeric variables that are not actually referenced by the current Pre-condition or Post-condition expression are set to the value 0.0 [0006680]

Test Driver Generator

·         Added a list container for the individual SCHEMA sections that exist when the SCHEMA directive is used to create multiple sections in addition to the TEST_DRIVER_SCHEMA and EXPECTED_OUTPUT_SCHEMA. This is used to support a linear processing order for the SCHEMA sections. They now are processed in the order they are parsed in when the map file is loaded, rather than in a non-deterministic order as was the case. [0006298]

·         Corrected a case where the output binding iterator was incorrectly re-constructing the name of an output structure element in a structure that has no output bindings at all. The problem manifested as a test driver generation error “ERROR:4030 (User) Unable to locate mapping” [0006292]

·         Refined the VectorCAST test driver schema, removing sections that were obsolete. [0006612]


·         Corrected a problem in the writing out of .SS files for TTM produced T-VEC projects when a variable’s range information is specified in terms of TTM CONSTANTS. The CONSTANT “names” were being interpreted as numerical values and being written out incorrectly. [0006513]

·         Updated the .TST parser’s support for sparse output array value format. [0006602]

Coverage Analyzer

·         Fixed a problem with the statistics reported by the model coverage analyzer when test vectors were produced using auto-rotate as a vector generation option.

Example Models

·         Updated and refined the Robot Model in the <Install Dir>\examples\Robot_Model\Robot_Model folder be useable right out of the box. Removed dependencies on a custom test driver schema and custom map files so that the normal RTWBuild/Export/Translate/VGS Build and Generate & Executes Tests process will produce good results. [0006694]

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