Release 5.0.0 9/09

GUI Fixes and Enhancements

·         Added feature for specifying a model include as a library include. The difference between a normal full model include and a library include is that unreferenced items in a library include will not show up in a T-VEC project as a subsystem. [0006112]

·         The TTM GUI should no longer crash when there is an assertion during model translation. [000093]

·         It is now possible to restore basic tools settings, toolbars and windows layout to installation default from inside of the TTM environment. The feature is available in the “file” menu. [0006094, 0006220]

·         TTM will automatically fill in numerical value for mode machine’s mode when applicable. [0006202]

·         TTM will no longer abort loading of a model when a duplicate requirement error is detected. Instead, it will continue loading the rest of the model element, and display a warning message. [0006222]

·         TTM will now display progress indicator in the status bar when synchronizing multiple DOORS modules. [0005375]

·         Corrected issue where vertical scrollbars are not being displayed in some relevant cells when the “display vertical scroll bar in grid” option is enabled. [0006185]

·         OUTPUT and TERM tables can now be converted into FUNCTION Tables through the “make function” command in the element tree context menu. In addition, INPUT variables can also be converted to empty Function Tables. [0006131]

·         It is now possible to create a top-level requirement with out using the “Add” command without having to select the requirement tree root. The “Add Top level Requirement” command is available in the default toolbar and all element tree context menus. [0003310]

·         Corrected issue with the option to import and export the current model’s translation setting, which wasn’t allowing configuration file to load or save. Note: this option has been moved to the “model” menu. [0006204]

·         Corrected a crash when trying to saving a model after deleting a table that has been referenced by an INTERM assignment expression. [0006283]

·         Corrected an issue where the expression editor is not populated with the correct text if the cell has not lost focus. [0006282]

·         Grid row will now retains the height when using the move up and down function. [0006286]

·         Corrected issue, which was causing the move up and down function to not work in the mode (states) table [0006296]

·         TTM should no longer crash when entering negative or some invalid number as a value in the enumerated literal editor. [0006285]

·         The requirement items in the model element view will now update properly after having been re-parented. [0006240]

·         Enhanced the background functionalities of the Behavioral, Structure, Function Parameter, Table Variables, and mode table to be a little more user-friendly. [0006325, 0006345, 0006326, 0006344, 0006731, 0006376, 0006377]

·         TTM will now detect when the main model file has been changed outside of the current TTM session. [0006054]

·         TTM will now verify expressions when the main model element’s attributes (i.e. name, type, local variables) have been changed. [0006280]

·         The Auto format expression feature will no longer format expression that contains error. [0006134]

·         The ordering in the element tree for structure fields will now match the order in the structure table. [0006318]

·         Corrected an issue that was causing overridden function not to show up when the model is fully loaded [0006343]

·         Enhanced the condition table to support the usage of C/C++ style comment inside of the expressions [0000044]

·         Corrected an issue, which was allowing duplicated requirement identifier to be created [0006378]

·         Library and Model Include groups will now appear above normal model elements in the element tree when the “Group Include Model Elements by Model” [0006370]

·         Corrected an issue that was causing CTRL-F to not work consistently when trying bring up a text find dialog [0006418]

·         Added support for adding comments to Model Info items [0003614]

·         TTM will now display an error pop up in the event where not all include models has been loaded. [006576]

·         Enhanced errors pop up when detecting duplicate identifier usage. The error message now lists the types of element where the ID is being used. [0006414]

Translation and Model Checking Updates

·         Enhanced model checking feature to detect duplicated mode machine’s mode numerical value. [0006207]

·         It is now possible to disable Model Checking on Included Models. This option is available in the advanced settings tab of the tools->preferences. [0006183]

·         Corrected issue where wrong function parameter number is being display when an argument to a function is of an incompatible type [0006289]

·         Corrected issue where wrong identifier is being display in the error message for “undefined” identifier when there are enumerated literal in the expression [0006287]

·         Model checker will now flags the usage of structure field reference shorthand in the condition column of a condition table as invalid. [0006288]

·         Enhanced the model checker to detect when there is an operator missing in an expression [0006319]

·         Enhanced the model check to detect missing parentheses in @T/C/F expressions [0000360]

·         Corrected a recently introduced problem with translation of WHERE and WHEN operators in Event tables. [0006327]

·         Improved support for using TTM CONSTANTs as low-bound and high-bound values for variable range definitions. [0006512]

·         Improved model check support for bit-wise operators and state variables. [0006616, 0006626]

·         Object mappings are now sorted alphabetically in the T-VEC VGS .map files. [0006610]

·         Warning messages are now printed to the console output and additional details are written to the translation log when significant portions of the model are optimized out during translation. [0006586, 0006562]

·         Corrected a translation problem that occurs when 3 or more actual function table parameters are themselves references to function tables. [0006436]

·         Added ModelLoc attributes for VGS .SS file constraints associated with inlined tables to support VGS to TTM navigation. [0006638]

·         Added support for inlining of Function Tables [0005326]

·         Now filtering out duplicate DCP paths (precondition/postcondition pairs) that can occur when inlining tables. [0006653]

·         Added support for complex array indices (including structures and array element references) [0006627]

·         Default domain for type “Float” increased from +/-1.0E+004 to +/-1.0E+005. [0006671]

·         Corrected a data type issue where using bit shift operators << and >> had the potential to restricted the result domain to MIN_INT..MAX_INT if the value being shifted was non-floating point. Result now includes the full domain of the value being shifted. [0006685]

TTM Libraries

·         Added initial installment of TTM Function Table Libraries. The first library in this set is called TTM_freq_domain_FTs.ttm and is located in a new section of the install directories called


This library contains the following Function Tables

back_TimeIntegrator, derivative, difference, filter, forward_TimeIntegrator, transfun, trap_TimeIntegrator,
UD_boolean, UD_char, UD_double, UD_float, UD_integer, UD_string, UD_unsigned. (UD means Unit Delay).

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