Pilot Projects or Workshops

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The most typical process is to start with either a Workshop or Mini-Pilot project, then support a team with a longer-term Pilot Project effort, where examples form the Pilot effort are included into Tailored Training.

Most organization never have the luxury to start from the beginning of a program, but it is possible to start with a new component after a release. The normal scenarios are:

1) Control system engineers (modelers) are using Simulink/Stateflow

  • They want to learn how to use the Simulink Tester for T-VEC – a workshop usually works best, because the modelers already know how to use Simulink – they should learn how to use the Simulink Tester on "their" models.
  • These engineers and usually other project and program people that have interfaces to the control systems often realize the importance of Requirement Model (with TTM). This plays very nicely into DO-178B and DO-178C and the need for requirements as well as design models.

2) Working on non-control system functions

  • Engineers often do not know how to use the requirement modeling tools and need to work on various examples and to understand the process for requirement modeling, implementation-derived requirements, project organization, requirement-traceability, etc. apply to "their" own applications
  • Engineers often work with the tools for a couple month (possibly with some consulting support - maybe via email), and then their examples can be turned into tailored training.