Test Driver Generation

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Test Driver Generation is the process for converting generic test vectors into target specific test code that can be executed without human intervention. However, the test driver generator is a flexible tool that is continually extended, and it can produce manual tests procedure, reports, documentation.

Three key elements go into the test driver generation process

  • Test vectors
  • Test driver schema
  • Object mappings

This section will provide examples and guidance on how to use test drivers.


Test Driver Schema


Object Mappings

Evolutionary Changes

Perl Call

One of nice features of the test driver generator is the ability to call perl, which then makes the test driver generator extended as far as one can extend perl. The original test driver generator allowed a perl routine to be called using the following metatoken syntax.

<perl_call routineName(params...)>

It is recommended that the following the following syntax to be used for making perl calls

<eval (routineName(params...))>