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About T-VEC

Ensuring quality, integrity and excellence in software solution development

T-VEC Technologies provides both the technology and experience needed to improve the production of high quality software. By enhancing your software development process with our technologies and people, we support your process and enable you to reduce the cost of building and sustaining software solutions that work.

T-VEC History

Development of the T-VEC core technologies began in the early 1980s at a large aerospace company with the goal of reducing the cost of software verification. T-VEC was first used in 1990 to develop a flight-critical system that was certified to the FAA 's strenuous DO-178B requirements. Since then, T-VEC tools have been instrumental in the successful on time and under budget delivery of several zero-defect avionics software systems.

T-VEC Technologies was incorporated in 1996 at which time, the company acquired all rights to the underlying technology. As a result, mission critical application areas such as aerospace, secure communications, energy control, factory automation, military command and control, and transportation benefit from the strategic advantage T-VEC offers.

T-VEC solutions are built using sophisticated technologies, but more importantly, they are built using our team of highly qualified engineers. Each team member brings to the table extensive experience in designing, building and verifying high-assurance systems. Because of this expertise, we have successfully applied T-VEC tools across a variety of industries in software development projects. We continue to work at the forefront of software development and testing, and we're ready to put our experience and technology to work in validating and streamlining software development activities for your company.


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T-VEC advances software development practices with advanced model-based tools.

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