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Software is inherent in many products, and its ever-growing complexity is increasing the cost of product development. Although testing is often the biggest cost in software development, it routinely fails to identify significant defects before product release.

T-VEC Solutions include products and services that position organizations to develop and maintain software more efficiently by identifying defects before they enter the product and by automating the most expensive testing activities.

Our Products

Our products identify defects and automate testing from software requirements and design models.

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Our Services

We help organizations transition from manual and error-prone verification, validation, and testing activities to innovative, automated solutions.

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T-VEC's Comprehensive Solutions Provide Significant Benefits

T-VEC customers have reported savings between 40% and 60% of their development budgets while reducing test schedule by up to 90%. T-VEC tools and methods help product development teams incorporate requirement modeling, model analysis, and automated testing to eliminate labor-intensive, manual processes that cannot find bugs in complex systems.